You manage compliance at your firm. You coordinate with many colleagues to collect audit evidence, review artifacts and assess controls. 

Legitiv helps you avoid sending out and following up on hundreds of emails to request evidence. The audit workflow automates the process and frees you up for important tasks. You can reuse work from one framework to speed up compliance in another. Create insightful dashboards to track progress of your compliance programs. 

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  • Easy setup
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Easy To Deploy

Preloaded Content Library

Your all-in-one audit partner

Multiple frameworks come preloaded within Legitiv, to enable your compliance journey. No more excel files or shared drives - let your compliance team focus on the real issues and boost their productivity.

Set up new frameworks, reuse controls across different standards, generate dashboards and partner with auditors - all in one place

All of this, backed up by our refreshingly easy customer support

Legitiv is hosted securely on cloud and is  accessible from anywhere. Configure your standard, add users and get your compliance program up and running in minutes.

Compliance Simplified. And Affordable.

The best part is, you don't have to break the bank to get this done. We built Legitiv to solve a real need for businesses to meet their compliance needs. Whether you are a small firm, a mid size company, an enterprise or a non-profit, we've got something that suits your needs. Our Pricing Plans

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